Why We Give (Part 2)

Comfort. It is a simple word but one rich with meaning. Comfort can take on many forms and is different for each person on their journey through life. One of the things we learned very quickly once Benton was moved to the NICU is that the human need for comfort is strong, particularly when faced with crisis. How can you process this new, strange environment you never expected to be in? How can you navigate this sterile space that holds your most precious gift and seems so far from the comfort and warmth of the nursery you expected to be in? With small acts of kindness and offerings of hope. As we made our way from our small hospital, to a bigger one, to the last and biggest of them all, certain things kept us connected to the comfort of home. A soft blanket. A snuggly friend to hold when we needed to fill our empty arms or provide something soft to our son to feel us near him when we could not be there. The kindness and gentle touch of friends and family. Books for both us and our son to provide some sense of normalcy. A warm place to stay so that we could be close by. Information that gave us the power to make the best decisions we could in a terrible situation. Snacks and cards so we knew we were not alone. Journals to write our questions and thoughts in. Candles to allow us to remember when Bennie could not or was no longer able to be with us. All of these pieces eventually became the comfort kits that Benton’s Hope now provides to families going through similar circumstances. These pieces of comfort, though small, make an enormous impact on the feeling of support that everyone needs when faced with the worst and hardest days. This is why we #give.#GivingHearts17 #GoMatchyMatchy #Feb9

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