Why We Give (part 1)

Our hearts opened the day Benton was born, in a way that only a parent can understand. He was our first. We were joyful. He was pink and lovely and beautiful and perfect (of course!). He cried. He wiggled. And then, he stopped. Stopped crying. Stopped wiggling. Struggled to breathe. There was confusion and fear and calm reassurances from our healthcare team that we would take him to a bigger hospital, to a higher level of care, and we’d solve the problem and move forward. Our hearts were scared, but hopeful. He moved to a different facility, one away from his mother who was stuck in the smaller hospital post emergency c-section and a father who was torn between the two. We learned, a piece at a time, what it meant to have a baby but not hold a baby. This was not our expected happy ending. This was hard and anxiety-filled and full of questions. And that is one of the many reasons why we work to give back to those who face similar challenges. That is why we #give #GivingHearts17 #GoMatchyMatchy #Feb9


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